Together we are getting closer

The Dutch Cancer Society (DCS) is determined to beat cancer as quickly as possible. The ideal is a world where no one dies of cancer. The goal: fewer people with cancer, more people who cure and a better quality of life for cancer patients.

Research shows that unhealthy habits are a major cause of cancer. Therefore the DCS protects specific young generation from the harmful effects of smoking and we provide information on sensible sunbathing. On the platform (Dutch website) we support patients and their families with reliable and timely information, forums with peers and ongoing investigations.

Additionally, the DCS uses its position and network in order to increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment. To realize that they are trying to influence the policies of government, healthcare sector and businesses. Along with science, healthcare, government and businesses and with 100,000 volunteers and one million donors, large and small, they make sure that the day will come that no one has to die from cancer.

In order to contribute to cancer research, In 2015 JVCKENWOOD Netherlands B.V. has become a business friend of DCS.
Together we are getting closer

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